FIFA 17: Interview With Marcus Rashford about New Story Mode

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FIFA 17: Interview With Marcus Rashford about New Story Mode

Postby u4fifa » Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:09 pm

EA SPORTS caught up with Marcus Rashford for an exclusive insight into his Journey to becoming a professional footballer. At the same time, we are a professional website online sales of fifa 17 coins shop. You can read latest fifa 17 news on our website. Here are the interview content.

EA SPORTS: You just watched some early scenes from the Journey in FIFA 17, what are your thoughts?

MR : I think it’s important that we get it into the game as it gives people at home an insight into what it’s like coming through as a professional footballer.

EA SPORTS: Does it remind your of your experience?

MR : Yeah it definitely reminds me of my experience, when you see Alex go into the manager’s office you don’t know what he’s going to say or what it’s going to be like, so it brings back memories.

EA SPORTS: Did it remind you of your managers office?

MR : Yeah definitely, he walks in and that’s actually what it’s like, it’s giving a realistic impression.

EA SPORTS: In ‘The Journey’ Alex has to choose which club he wants to sign for, can you just talk us through your decision to join your club?

MR : For me it was an easy decision because I support (Manchester) United and was involved at the Club from a young age.

EA SPORTS: By the end are you thinking, this Hunter, he’s in the league, I could line up against him next Saturday?

MR : Yeah definitely that’s the feeling it has on you, its what happens in real life so its only good for the game.

EA SPORTS: Watching those scenes, do you feel that this takes you behind the scenes and gives you a glimpse of what life is like for a modern day premier league footballer?

MR : Yeah you see Alex at home with his grandparents, his mum and his dad and that’s what its like, sometimes when your down you need them to pick you back up and sometimes when your up you need them to help keep your feet on the ground. So its what its like in real life.

EA SPORTS: And that’s fascinating isn’t it because the public focus on what goes on on the pitch but perhaps what they don’t always appreciate is all the hard yards, the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making it away from the pitch, and the sacrifices that you make physically but also emotionally?

MR : The fans see the glory, they see you scoring a goal or winning a tournament, they don’t always see what you’ve done to get there behind the scenes, so its good that this is included.

So all can be find in now. Here for more fifa 17 fun!
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