HPI RS4 Evo3 Help!

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HPI RS4 Evo3 Help!

Postby Neddy » Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:05 pm

Hey all, ok ill prob get killed for this and laughed at but here goes, ive always wanted a nitro rc car but never had one or driven one so....
i bought a hpi rs4 evo3 today and i went down to the carpark to get it "broken in", the guy at the hobby store said drive it around for a few tanks on half throttle to get it broken in, so i was doing that and managed to hit a little bump and land in the grass on my second tank, i picked it up and the engine went to full revs and the car wanted to take off like a rocket, i put it back down with my foot infront of it and managed to turn it off, before i did that i noticed that the wheels had stopped moving, then i turned it off. i havent started it since that cause im too scared ive broken something. any ideas of what i could have done or what i can do to fix it? sorry to be such a newbie and any help would be appriciated.
Thank you.
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Re: HPI RS4 Evo3 Help!

Postby kennee » Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:50 pm

you should be fine

nitro car's usually don't stay on for so long, between 30-60 seconds ( nitro cars i've owned and well tuned)

should start it up again and drive it, should be good to go.

or your can just idle it for another tank and yeh, just use it normally!

usually when you turn your transmitter off before the car, the reciever just goes spastic and makes the car rev off it's nuts.

other way to turn it off is pinch the fuel line or clock the exhaust .

pinching line takes about 5-10 seconds
blocking muffler takes about 2-3 seconds

hope that helps!

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