VoneRRR(WC) or KM racing HK-1.HELP!

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VoneRRR(WC) or KM racing HK-1.HELP!

Postby kennee » Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:05 pm

hey there guys!

well, i've just sold off my beloved FW-05t plus and looking for a new and outrageous chassis engine setup

i've bumped into 2 cars

VoneRRR wc with sirio 12xxx competition motor
KM racing HK-1 with OS12TG.


which one of these would you choose?

kyosho which is about 4 years old. but still amazing.
the KM racing which has been around for about a year, and have/has been raking up the trophies has alot of reviews and top notch points!

so, someone out there with some sort of knowledge between the two.

which one would you choose? and why you would choose that one?

appreciate your help ladies and gentlemen!

i just hope i make an honest and unregretable choice!

here is a photo of the KM racing HK1 i'm wanting to get!
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