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Located on Carrington Rd, Castle Hill Showground, Castle Hill, NSW. Racing includes Novice, F1-Lemans, Mini, 540V8, Stock and Modified.

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Postby rcralily » Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:31 pm

There are three kinds of techniques when it comes to ‘reading’ of the Holy Quran. The three kinds are termed as Telavat , Qurae and Tarteel. Telavat involves normal reading of the Quran. Qurae on the other hand involves complete devotion of the mind during the reading followed by an attempt to understand the meaning of the words. Tarteel is thorough reading of the Book that involves reading of each and every word followed by pondering upon each word for longer periods of time in order to understand its true relevance and context to your life and the past happenings during which the words were descended upon mankind.
The Holy Quran states:
“And Tarteel it with a Tarteel."
The Quran does not require to be read in a certain order or even in an artistic manner involving melody. Anyone has the right to read the Holy Quran in their own manner and voice. There are people who expect melody during the recitation however that is not a necessity for Muslims only something adopted in order to offer a more soothing effect to the ears. Reading the Holy Quran is quite different from learning the Book. Telavat is reading of the Arabic words without stopping to understand the true meaning of the words which does not lead to changes of opinion or broadening of the reader’s thinking. In order for people to truly understand the Quran’s message they need to learn the Holy Quran. They require someone to teach them each and every word in context of the historical events that led to the revelation along with the implication of the words in their daily life tasks.
Quran is a full code about leading your life. It teaches people the right way to adopt in each and every moment of their lives. A good Quran teacher ensures that his student just doesn’t learn how to read the Holy Book but learns the true meanings behind the words. The reader should be able to relate the words with their lives and problems as Quran is undoubtedly the true solution to all of our problems of both worlds. Quran and the Holy Prophet PBUH have time again stressed upon the learning of the Quran not just the recitation of the words. Allah requires His beings to understand His orders and lead their lives in accordance of His orders. That is only possible when people begin to understand the meaning by reading the translation and explanation. Every mentally competent person has the ability to understand and interpret the Holy Quran on their own. For children however sometimes it becomes quite a necessity to offer help when it comes to learning of the words or even reading of the Ayaat.
Non-Arabic readers require help from a teacher in order for them to understand each and every word in its true sense. Online academies exist for this very reason. Dafiyah is a prestigious online organization offering high standard services of teaching the Holy Quran to children all across the globe. http:www.dafiyah In the recent few years, advancement in technology has brought drastic revolution in the traffic signal systems used in road and other crucial areas. Here, experts will discuss about innovative products , launch of which has become possible with advanced LED powered systems.

Arrow boards facilitates information for any warning signal or diversion around maintenance and through different zones. LED arrow has placed everywhere in traffic signaling as well as other signaling zones. LED arrow has low power consumption and now its operates with solar energy so it lowers the cost drasticallyand easy to install and maintain. Various vendor provide LED arrow systems in standard sizes such as 30”x60” up to 48”x96” in 15-25 lamp (7 mode & 12 mode respectively) configuration.

LED arrow board used in skid mount, vehicle mounted application. In vehicle mounted application it has vast usage in fog lamps in adverse weather and directional arrow in day time. Now in these days vehicle mounted arrow boards can be recycle in which old LEDs replace with other units .While Trailer mounted arrow boards used in DOT’s,military ,cities and countries. As per energy utilization it also operates in solar and equipped with battery for back up support. In construction zone it has severe requirement to direct the route or diversion.

Traffic LED lamp consist cluster of LEDs in Red, Green, Yellow colours.Basically LED lamps is also be used for decoration purpose which blinks in parties. It looks like prototype of traffic signal light and better for children to explain traffic rules. Generally it has placed in bed rooms or dorm rooms and children enjoy with this type of artifacts which deals in its daily life. LED traffic lamps are easy to install it doesn’t require any extra plugin. Usuallyitplaced on wall for decoration.

LED powered traffic light lamp is the replica of original traffic signal which was equip with lamp in previous years. Time being it has been replaced by bulbs and now we are seeing LED based traffic lamps. Which has low power consumption and maintenance with minimal cost.

In recent years technology has replace almost all traditional systems like wise incandescent bulbs has been replace with LED , Obviously it has some additional advantage that’s why it is in use. To understand traffic rules and to remove vagueness people has been using LED traffic lamps in its home applianes.So that they can better understand and familiar with the traffic rules which they have to follow.
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