ACTMCRC Newsletter 24 May 2007

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ACTMCRC Newsletter 24 May 2007

Postby ford_racing » Thu May 24, 2007 10:44 pm

Hi guys,
Next Setup will be held on Monday June 4th from 7:00pm in the Budawang building. If you turn up you get $5 off racing.
The next round for the Touring Classes is on June 19th in the Mallee Building. This will be round 1 of the winter series
The next round for the Clubman Classes is on May 29th in the Mallee Building. This will be round 1 of the Winter series. There will be packup after this nights racing, if you can stay around and help, you get $5 off racing.
June 5th will be a fun night in the Budawang Building, look out for the next newsletter which will tell you what is happening that night.
For a break down on Touring and Clubman classes visit:

Track Setup
One of the most important things the club does outside of racing is run Track Setup's. Normally held on a Sunday Afternoon or a Monday Evening before a race meeting. Track setup nights came about as a more convenient way to put together the clubs track to allow more racing and practice at actual meetings.
We don't need to run a setup for every race meeting, over the years the ACTMCRC has been racing at EPIC we have been permitted to leave our track setup most of the time, unfortunately we are still required to dismantle the track from time to time.
It's important that we don't grow complaisant and adopt the attitude that 'some one else will do it'. If you can make it out to a setup (or help when we have to pack the track up) this is a massive help to the regular attendees to these events.
To encourage attendance to the setup nights (and to help packup) the club is now offering $5 off your race fees if you help out at either two of these events. If you help out at both you get $5 off the next two times you race.
What is really helpful at about going to the setup nights is that once the track is setup you can practice. The track is pretty much available until the committee member who holds the keys wants to leave.
I know not everyone can make it to setup or help pack up after racing, but if you are available one in awhile to help out then the whole club will benefit.

New Look Clubman Nights

Off Road
Buggies are still racing. A small but determined group pilot their 2WD and 4WD RC cars around the ACTMCRC Indoor Track with Jumps!

Le Mans
Tamiya F103 serves are the prototype for this call; virtually a 2WD Touring Car Class open to all 190mm 2WD On Road RC Cars

Now a budget class restricted to Rubber tyres and Chrome 540 Motors should see this class on the rise again.

Like F1 Mini has been reviewed and the rules tightened up. Limited modifications will bring the focus back on driving skill.

540 Pro
Tamiya’s Sports Tuned Motors installed in Touring Cars equipped with Rubber Tyres for a different driving experience, we also allow 540 Touring Cars to run in this class.

Super Stock.
A new home for Brushless 13.5 (Stock equivalent) motors, as well as JRM 23t motors and Tamiya Sports Tuned motors. Foam tyres are permitted.

Interclub Round two, a report from Mark Wallin.

The alarm clock was set for 3.30am, but my 4month old son decided he needed food half an hour sooner! With the whole house up I had time to kill while waiting for Dave to arrive, so I did the dishes. Around 3.45 Dave arrived and we piled into the 200SX and headed for Sydney, meeting up with Stephen at the Gateway Service station, about 3 hours later we pulled in to the car park at Jet’s Sports club in Tempe, home of Sydney Model Auto Sports. Matt and Mill arrived a few minutes later and team ACTMCRC started unloading cars and building its pit bunker. With the pits built it was time for a quick practice run, with my car in hand I joined the queue to get on the drivers stand, you’d think these guys hadn’t seen the SMA track before!! Eventually I got a spot on the stand and set about learning the SMA layout. It was pretty… interesting until my tyres came up to temperature but I quickly found my rhythm and the FK05 felt pretty good.

Three rounds of qualifying were held run. Round 1 was a bit of a write off with the track still to warm up, in round two however I had one of my best runs of the day, on a warm track with a good battery in the car I briefly held TQ until running into traffic. I can’t complain to much about the traffic as the guys were really polite and let me through without incident but having to make my way through 4 or 5 cars affected my time and I ended up in 3rd overall, round three came and went with the only noticeable event being my realisation that the last time I rebuilt my car I reassembled it incorrectly and the belt was dragging on the steering, a very quick rebuild had the car ready to for round three but by now the track had cooled slightly so we were never going to catch the times set in round 2.

Qualifying 3rd I feel was a pretty good effort but the grid position was a bit compromised, I would have to be careful not to tag any car on the outside of mine in turn one while not being run into from behind, all the starts were really clean with only one incident in round two being caused by a radio glitch. The first Final was a run similar to the 2nd round of qualifying with a really close dice between myself and second place David Warner, I eventually nabbed second spot with a move that would later be described as awesome, it was one of those clean bumper to bumper races that lasted for the whole 5 minutes. Final two saw the intervention of the ‘hand of God’. Going through the first chicane after the start of the race my car jinked left when it should have been sweeping gently right, the resultant crash launched my car 1 meter into the air and by the time I was back on the track I was dead last. I pretty much drove the wheels off the thing to get back to 5th as we went into the last 2 minutes of the race. I was nearly a lap down on the leader and around a third of a lap behind 3rd and 4th. It was time for another ‘hand of God’ event, this time 3rd and 4th place had a coming together handing me 3rd place this secured me the bottom step of the podium. Final 3 was a bit disappointing. My biggest problem was I failed to account for the track cooling down, this reduced my cars grip just enough to compromise my start resulting in a small spin that I never really recovered from.

Overall I finished 3rd in the 19t class
David 4th in the B finals of 19t
Stephen 2nd in the B finals of Mini
Matt 5th in the 540 B and 3rd in the Stock B Finals
Mil 1st in the 540 B and 8th in the Stock B Finals

We all had a great day and were already planning an all out assault at round three at Illarrawa.

Interclub Round 3
With round 2 of the interclub challenge still fresh in everyone’s memory preparation starts for round 3 at Fairy Meadow in Illawarra. Currently the ACTMCRC sits in 6th place in the club points score, with around 5 drivers attending the first and second rounds this is an excellent effort. To help us in out effort in getting into 5th place I would like to encourage anyone from the club who has the time to make the trip to Illarrawa.

There are 5 classes in the Interclub challenge, Mini, 540, Stock, 19t and Modified. The rules are AARCMCC, which are very similar to ours with the Body Shell requirements being 4 door sedans. If you would like to go but don’t have a legal shell please let Mark know as the committee has been stockpiling 2nd hand body shells for club members who need a shell to run in the AARCMCC events that the club competes in.

The fairy meadow track is constructed on a converted tennis court with temporary barriers. Foam tyres will work and should be competitive in 540. Both Matt and Mill were racing on Foam tyres and they finished in the B finals.

If you would like to attend the 3rd round of the challenge cup then please visit the ACTMCRC’s website where you will find links to the online entry system for the event.

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