And now for something nice...

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And now for something nice...

Postby manta » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:05 pm

Why can't they make lexan body shells for 1/10 tourers the same thickness as they do for trucks??

I realise it is for lightness etc etc, but I just painted up the new HPI stratus aero 2 shell and I swear it is thinner than the original aero????

Anyone feel like lexan shells are getting unusually thin??? They tell us thin shells make the car go faster??? Well I put it to the manufacturer to do some tests...???And who says the Dodge Stratus is the best body to have on 1/10 tourers??? I reckon we should all use VW Kombi shells - that way we can spend more time on getting the motor to work harder...

IMHO - the difference is a bees dick. snake oil...just like extra research can prove benefits.

gotta love Sunday night! Second best night of the week!!!!!!!!! too much nitro can make you go blind.

Hey...anyone keen on setting up a track on Bruny??? I got a Dingo and 6.5 hectares I need to turn into a mad off road track!

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