Two Drift Questions

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Two Drift Questions

Postby JoeClark » Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:51 pm


1) How do I prevent the car from losing power mid-drift? I will be in the middle of a corner and in 3rd gear and in the middle of the curve I'll lose power so I can't make it through completely. TCS is off, I'm using CH tires and SRF is off.

2) How long do you guys usually hold the e-brake for? I'm used to using power and upsetting the cars balance to initiate the drift. When I try to use the e-brake I usually spin out since I hold it for too long.

Thank You!!!

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Re: Two Drift Questions

Postby MariannaLewis » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:03 pm

AWD cars like subaru and audi are not fit for drifting. it's call a power slide when they supposedly "drift." However to answer your question, a good drift car is basically a RWD car that is preferably light, has a low center of gravity, and a car your wouldn't car too much about. Drifting puts strain on a car in a way that you wouldn't like on your good cars, so you wouldn't want to do it your 300k Ferrari (just an example). Also very important. A good drift car should be manual transmission. It's possible to drift in an auto, but you have much more control with a manual. as specific cars, theres the Toyota AE86 (classic example), many different kinds of RWD cars like the RX8, RX7, Miatas (not sure about this one for older models). Do more research to see what you like! you can get write up of drifting from write my assignment just in a one click. but a very interesting question. thanks for that.
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