How to solve the problem of print writing subdued?

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How to solve the problem of print writing subdued?

Postby adtozhou » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:19 pm

We ususlly has some problem when use the printer, now there are some tips to help you solve some problem:

1, print characters or characters are not clear

For inkjet printers, there may be two reasons, lack of printer ink in ink cartridges, the printer for a long time without or by direct sunlight caused by nozzle clogging. If the cartridge is not used up, you can conclude that the nozzle is jammed: Remove the ink cartridge (the printer is not one for the cartridge nozzle, need to remove the nozzle), the nozzle in the warm water soak for a while, Be careful not to immerse the circuit board in the water, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

For the dot matrix printer, there may be the following reasons: print ribbon to use too long; print head for a long time without cleaning, dirt too much; print head with broken needle; print head drive circuit is faulty. The solution is to adjust the gap between the print head and the print roller, the fault can not be ruled out, you can change the ribbon, if not enough, you need to clean the print head. To do this, remove the two captive screws on the printhead, take the printhead, and use the needle or a small hook to remove the print head before and after the mixed dirt, are generally accumulated for a long time the ribbon fiber, and then in the back of the print head to see the needle place a few drops of instrument oil to remove some dirt , Do not install the ribbon to play a few sheets of paper, and then loaded with ribbons, so the basic problem can be solved, if the print head broken needle or drive circuit problems, you can only replace the print needle or drive the tube.

2, print writing subdued

For the dot matrix printer, the cause of this type of failure is mostly printer ink ribbon drying, print head broken needle, putter position too far, you can replace the ribbon and adjust the putter method to solve; for inkjet printers, Nozzle dry, the printer ink is too dry, the ink model is not correct, the ink tube into the air, the printer operating temperature is too high will cause the fault, the nozzle, ink tank, etc. for testing and maintenance; for laser printers, Less, the developing roller of the developing voltage is low and the toner light effect is poor, it will also cause the printing handwriting phenomenon. At this point, remove the toner cartridge and shake it gently. If the print results do not improve, replace the toner cartridge or adjust the set of photographic switches below the printer's toner cartridge to match the sensitivity of the toner.

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