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Spaniard pride

Madrid was a city full of restrictions during Franco reign; today Toni Kroos World Cup Jersey , it is a metropolis pulsing with life. Madrid is situated in the old province of Castilia. In the centre of the city there are numerous testimonials to the royal dynasty and the Church. The city occupies the central part of the Iberian Peninsula and, in 1570; it was described as a small settlement. Things have changed with Filip the 2nd decision to move the royal court here. Madrid has been the capital of Spain since 1606. Since ancient times, the Church has had a powerful influence on the life of this city.

In 1656, more than 54 monasteries and 14 churches could be found in Madrid. Some of them still exist. Napoleon brother, Joseph Thomas Muller World Cup Jersey , was the one who stopped the building of monasteries and churches, because he wanted small squares instead. Starting in 1910, Madrid began to look like a modern city: monumental buildings started to appear all over the place. However, they didn spoil the ancient air of the city.

The capital of Spain, the capital of art

The wonderful capital of Spain is also known as the capital of art. The Prado Museum hosts the biggest Spanish paint collection in the world. Prado is for Spaniards what the Louvre is for the French. You can find in this museum thousands of paintings belonging to masters such as Goya Shkodran Mustafi World Cup Jersey , El Greco, Dali, Miro, or Pablo Picasso. The Royal Palace, El Palacio Real Sebastian Rudy World Cup Jersey , is surrounded by gardens. King Juan Carlos doesn live here, so tourists can admire the beauty of the lush gardens, as well as the unique architecture, which was enriched by Giovanni Tiepolo frescoes. When in Madrid, a tourist can miss the visit to the El Rastro bazaar Sami Khedira World Cup Jersey , whose beginnings date back to the medieval era.


If you want to really feel the spirit, the traditions, and the culture of Spain, don choose to stay in hotels; choose to rent a villa instead. Villas are always situated in picturesque places, surrounded by nature. They are all decorated in such a manner that the tourists really feel that they are in Spain. You can find these villas in Chueca Mesut Ozil World Cup Jersey , Malasana, or in the historic centre of the city. They all have easy access to all the important sights of Madrid, as well as the best accommodation conditions. What else can one ask for?
adrid has been the capital of Spain since 1606. Since ancient times, the Church has had a powerful influence on the life of this city.

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