Answer customer's choices about potassium feldspar mill

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Answer customer's choices about potassium feldspar mill

Postby crushermachine169 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:50 pm

First of all, a brief introduction to potassium feldspar, perhaps we are not very aware of this stone, K-feldspar is an ore material, potassium feldspar is also commonly known as feldspar, is a monoclinic, usually red meat , White or gray. It has a low melting point (1150 ± 20 ℃), long melting interval, high melt viscosity characteristics. General industrial use
1. System of potash use
2. Ordinary ceramics and porcelain (clay and porcelain stone)
3. Glass ingredients used
4. Grinding material
Shanghai SBM heavy industry around the production of potassium feldspar powder, R & D and production for a variety of fineness of the Ore Milling Equipment, a professional processing of various ultra-fine milling mill equipment, a professional processing of coarse mill powder mill Equipment, suitable for processing all kinds of ore materials milling machine equipment, several common mill Raymond mill, high pressure mill, the European version of coarse grinding and so on. Potash feldspar is also one of the most easily processed ore because the hardness and water content of potassium feldspar are all within the range of the SBM heavy equipment facilities in Shanghai.
Although the processing of stone is the strength of the mill, but the daily maintenance and maintenance is also very important, so as to greatly extend the service life of the mill, bring greater benefits to consumers.
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Re: Answer customer's choices about potassium feldspar mill

Postby 20170811yueqin » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:12 pm

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