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Postby JoeClark » Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:43 pm

So in the thought process of trying to decide how to get the GTA rolling again. The "it's certainly a 350" I have seems like the right option if I wanted to spend no money and just wanted to slam it together and then ignore. The basket case L98 I have seems like the right answer if I want to tear it down and send it to a machine shop. So now I'm looking at other options. Like a 90s Vortec 350. I have questions.

Question 1. What exactly has to be done to a Vortec head to make it work with a bigger cam that actually makes power? Everytime I google for that answer I find something different.

Question the other. Does anyone know of a decent and reasonably priced EFI intake manifold that would bolt to those heads and fit under a flat 3rd gen Firebird hood? I'd use the stock truck manifold but I don't want spider injectors. My other dumb idea was a marine manifold that apparently uses normal injectors but I haven't actually tried to find one yet.

Thank You!!!

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